New Beginnings, Part II

After a long semester of training, the remaining beginners of the Boston University Kendo Association (BUKA) took the bogu examination for the second time. The examination, as explained in my last post, is a comprehensive review of every technique, every training drill, every command that they have learned over the semester, as well as their overall comfort with them. There are 3 basic hits in Kendo: men (head), kote (wrist), and do (body). The variations of these hits, as well as the numerous drills involved in utilizing them, are tested along with other crucial aspects of kendo including suriyashi (footwork) and, most importantly, kiai (spirit breath or fighting spirit).

Last time, only 5 out of the original 13 beginners passed: Michaella Chung, Kayla Gillespie, Taryn Ross, Renee Wang and Erica Wiener. After today’s examination, however, the remaining members passed and will officially be training to fight in next semester’s three tournaments: Rutgers’ Shidogakuin Tournament, Harvard’s Shoryuhai Taikai, and BU’s 2nd Annual Tournament.

As this semester comes to a close, we would like to officially welcome all of the new BUKA members of 2012-2013: Genevieve Boudreau, Kayla Gillespie, Christina Lupoli, Kathleen McKay, Boshan Mo, Victoria Moore,Yevgeniy Temchenko and Erica Wiener. Congratulations!


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