2016 Joint Practice

BUKA had its first joint practice of the year on November 12th with BU alums and the following universities: Northeastern University, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, and University of Connecticut. Together we made up a large and diverse group, consisting almost 50 people in the room. Our practice featured many activities, including 1000 suburi, King of the Hill matches, Keiko amongst the Bogu members, and foundational drills. Afterwards, everyone had the chance to get to know each other even more through lunch. Overall, the joint practice was successful as we all enjoyed our time together and learned from each other. A huge thanks to everybody who came and made this joint practice possible! That includes everyone from the different universities, BU alums, and BU students. We enjoyed practicing and getting to know you all. Hopefully in the future, we can do another one. Thank you!