2017 UConn Joint Practice

BUKA brought five members to its second joint practice of the school year, hosted by the University of Connecticut’s kendo team. They had a guest sensei, Kataoka-sensei, who led the practice. Kataoka-sensei went over many basic drills that strengthen our foundation in both non-bogu and bogu. Also, we had the opportunity to keiko at the end with all the UConn members, Park-sensei, and Kataoka-sensei. Huge thank you to the UConn kendo team and Park-sensei for inviting us to this amazing joint practice. We felt really welcomed and enjoyed bonding with you all! Also big thank you to Kataoka-sensei for leading and teaching us. We learned a lot and we appreciate what you have taught us! We hope to use what we learned to bring back to campus and spread to our members. We also hope that we will continue our friendship and relationship with UConn. We look forward to bonding with you again! Thank you!

2017 Shoryuhai Tournament

BUKA participated its third tournament of the spring semester in the 21st Shoryuhai Tournament in Harvard on March 18th and 19th. We competed with other universities and athletes in our age group. Schools that competed included Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, New York University, Northeastern university, Ohio State University, Penn State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Stony Brook University, SUNY Purchase College, Tufts University, University of Connecticut, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Yale University. We brought full three teams to participate.
All BUKA members tried their best in this competitive tournament. The final results were awesome!

Here are the results.


·  Mike Ruan

·  Geoffrey Gaskins

·  Jake Lee

·  Sung Song

·  Caoyue Wang

·  Jialin Zhu

·  Evangeline Tsai

·  Ryan Shimizu

·  Yumeto Shigihara

·  Helen Zhou

·  Reina Iwase

·  Hiroki Kawai

·  Cici Qi

·  Don Kim

·  Billy Pratama

·  Nawaf Alyousif


Unfortunately, no BUKA member placed in individuals.


·       Hiroki Kawai advanced to the quarterfinals before he was eliminated by one of our good friends, Chihiro Shiromoto, who placed third in individuals.



1.       Senpo: Yumeto Shigihara

2.      Jiho: Ryan Shimizu

3.      Chuken: Reina Iwase

4.      Fukusho: Helen Zhou

5.       Taisho: Hiroki Kawai



1.       Senpo: Jake Lee

2.      Jiho: Cici Qi

3.      Chuken: Don Kim

4.      Fukusho: Evangeline Tsai

5.       Taisho: Geoffrey Gaskins



1.       Senpo: Caoyue Wang

2.      Jiho: Jialin Zhu

3.      Chuken: Mike Ruan

4.      Fukusho: Sung Song

5.       Taisho: Nawaf Alyousif



BU A placed third! They won all of their matches in the preliminary round and defeated NYU C. In the semi-finals, they fought a super close match with NYU A before getting defeated. NYU A later placed second in teams.

Being the largest, if not one of the largest, intercollegiate kendo tournaments in the East Coast, Shoryuhai definitely showed us many new things: where we improved, where we needed to improve, and more. After the tournament on both days, we had time to do goodwill keiko and free sparring. Overall, the tournament went by smoothly and we got to bond with each other and other people. It was truly a huge achievement for us as our BU A placed third in teams. The last time we placed in teams was in 2014, three years ago. Good job, BU A! Although both BU B and BU C teams did not advance after the preliminary rounds, both teams learned a lot through the round robins as they versed multiple other fellow kendo players from different schools. As we go back to practice, we hope to learn from our mistakes and reflect on what we did well or not so well. Shoutout to the alumnis who came to support us: Ray, Nelson, Priank, and Katsu! Thank you to Ryan, Jay, and Helen for driving us to Harvard with the vans! Also, huge thanks to Jay and Maggie for helping us throughout the tournaments. We really appreciate you all! Thank you to those who came out to support us. You all are awesome! Last, but not least, thank you to our coach, Alex, for everything from coaching and giving us tips and advice to dealing with our weirdness. You truly are the best coach for us and we thank you so much! Next tournament will be our own BU Tournament that will be held on April 1st at the 4 Court Gym in FitRec on the second floor. Hope to see you all there!

As always, thank you all for your support! Faito, BUKA!