Gasshuku with Eitoku Sensei

This weekend on March 25th BUKA hosted a Gasshuku with Jimmy Eitoku sensei, father of very own our coach, Alex Eitoku, who came all the way out from California to teach us. We also invited our alumni and Shufukai members on Saturday to join us at practice. Together we made up a large group of about 30 people. We practiced a variety of drills from the basics of kendo, such as suburi and tenouchi,  to different waza techniques and keiko. Overall the gasshuku was a success and an amazing learning experience for all of our members, as we were privileged with constructive input on our kendo from Eitoku sensei. We would like to give a great big thank you to Eitoku sensei for taking his time to teach us and pass down valuable advice and instruction we will always remember when practicing kendo. Thank you to our coach Alex for connecting us with Eitoku sensei and initiating this event to make it happen. Also we would like to thank the Shufukai members, Tim Rasmusson sensei and Toshimi Yoshida sensei for joining and supporting us! BUKA hopes to host another event like this in the future.

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