The Road to Shoryuhai

Since the beginning of the Spring semester, BUKA has done a lot of work in trying to prepare for the upcoming Harvard Shoryuhai Taikai (Rising Dragon Tournament). Captain Alex Eitoku (CAS ’12) has pushed us to our limits repeatedly each and every weekend of practice, while the older members of the club have helped us to prepare during the weekday practices. After last semester, with a total of 11 new bogu (armor) members joining the ranks, BUKA is shaping into a force to be reckoned with.

Last semester, BUKA had a great run through to the 2012 Cornell Tournament, with about 18 members competing in individuals and teams. In fact, three of our members placed in the individuals: Jumpei Uchida (SMG ’12), SungYeob Lee (CELOP), and Shawn Shou (SMG ’14) took 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Mudansha (Unranked) division of the individual tournament. In the Yudansha (Ranked) division, Alex Eitoku took home the Spirit Award.

On top of these successes, BUKA has continued to grow in size and in spirit, becoming a new family for many freshman and transfer students. In fact, some Alumni such as Victor Pan (SMG ’11) and Christophe Henares-Chuidian (SMG ’11) have even helped to prepare the club for the upcoming international tournament.

Most recently, the club hosted a seminar run by California sensei Jimmy Eitoku, a 6th Dan in Kendo and owner of his own dojo. He ran the club through an entire weekend of six-hour practices, working on everything from etiquette to techniques, trying to ensure the success of BUKA at this year’s tournament. He encouraged all of the members – old and new – to continue honing their skills, and filled the room with a new hope for victory at this year’s Harvard tournament. Last year, BU’s A and B teams took 2nd and 3rd respectively, facing each other in the semi-finals. After defeating BU B, BU A went on to lose against UCSD in the finals. This year, the club has a heightened resolve, and we are going to Harvard with a vengeance. GO BUKA!!!!!