Want to do kendo, but don’t have a Bogu? Gi? Hakama? Shinai?


Here are a couple options for you to consider:

1) Buy a set!

Most of our club equipment is ordered from E-mudo, and we usually do a bulk order at the beginning of the year for all of our members.  Beginners are advised to get a uniform set (gi+hakama), shinai (38 if you are female, 39 if you are male), and a shinai bag. (website if you want to check prices and whatnot)

2) Rent from the club

Unfortunately, we do not rent out uniforms. So, if you’re just starting kendo, the only option for you is to make a small investment (buybuybuy!).

However, if you are an experienced Kendoka and, for some reason, don’t have Bogu with you, we have a few sets (in a vareity of sizes!) that can be rented at the low, reasonable price of $50* per semester.

We also have club shinai that can be borrowed (free of charge*) during practice, just in case you run all the way to FitRec and realize you’ve left yours at home (uhoh). This is meant for short-term/per practice borrowing only.

*All prices/fees are subject to change without notice.

Contact any E-board member for updated information.

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