Being Prepared

Unsure of what to bring to your first practice?  This will give you a good idea.

Clothes: appropriate exercise clothing.  We recommend sweat pants or other loose-fitting exercise pants and a t-shirt you can move comfortably in.  After you officially join, you will receive a uniform to wear to practices and performances.  It includes a sash, which we use only for performances.

Shoes (optional): you can practice barefoot or in shoes.  If you choose to practice in shoes, wear exercise shoes like sneakers.  Specialized martial arts shoes are not necessary, but if you are interested in purchasing some we can give recommendations.

Water bottle (optional): we have water breaks and there is a water fountain nearby, but if you like to have a water bottle this is a good idea.

For insurance reasons, you have to sign a waiver form to become a member practice with us.  These will soon be all electronic, so stay tuned for that information.

The New School Year!

It’s that time again and we are all looking forward to coming back to campus and getting into the full swing of things.

On Sunday, September 2nd we have SPLASH! at Nickerson Field from 4-7pm. If you are new to BU or looking for something new to do next school year then come on down and check us out. IF you are a long time member, make sure to stop by and say hi.

On Tuesday, September 4th we have the first day of Fall classes and the first day of practice. We will be holding a new member meet & greet from 7:30-10:00pm at MU 3/4 in the FitRec (behind the rockwall). We will be getting to know each other and answering any questions that people may have.

On Wednesday, September 5th we will be having our first true practice of the semester. Come down to MU 3/4 in the FitRec (behind the rockwall) at 7:30 and be prepared to work up a sweat.