Polls and John McCain’s attack ads

Tobe Berkovitz, Associate Dean of the College of Communication, comments on the polls showing John McCain’s attack ads backfiring.

“You can cue up the Who’s classic ‘Won’t get fooled again,’ but the press shouldn’t buy in to polls that show voter backlash against negative ads. Time after time, voter focus groups demonstrate that negative/attack ads are hated by voters. And time after time election results demonstrate negative ads work.

“The problem for McCain is he is attacking on the wrong issue (William Ayers). In an election where terrorism isn’t an issue, neither is Ayers.

“Obama is also getting protection against the attack ads by the MSM that is providing the counter-punch bemoaning McCain’s advertising. Obama can punch back at McCain while decrying the tome of his opponents commercials. Lucky Obama. He’s inoculated by the clumsy campaign of his opponent and the air cover support provided by the MSM.”

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