Tips for What to Do with the Leftover Halloween Candy

Joan Salge Blake, Registered Dietician and healthy eating expert from Boston University, offers tips for what to do with the leftover Halloween candy:

The WORST thing that you can do, which many people do, is to bring the leftovers to work! The logic is that you “get it out of the house”. However, it is around you and your colleagues all day long.

 Here are some tips:

• Buy 20% less than you did last year. Keep a roll of quarters on hand. Should you run out of candy, give the neighborhood ghosts and globins money. Have you ever seen a child turn down moola?

• If you have leftover candy, freeze it. Save it for another upcoming holiday, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day or Easter/Passover. Kids would love to get candy corn in their Easter Basket.

Joan Salge Blake’s bio can be found here.

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