Tips for Food Shopping On a Budget

Joan Salge Blake, Registered Dietician and healthy eating expert from Boston University, offers tips for food shopping on a budget:

With food prices going in one direction: up, New Englanders have been feeling the pinch at the supermarket. The good news is that healthy foods can still be affordable with some savvy strategies. Here are five easy ways to cut food costs but not good nutrition from your shopping cart:

1) Don’t pay extra for anything you can do yourself. Wash your own romaine lettuce rather than buying the pre-washed variety. Save: ~ $2/lb
2) Bypass the bag of baby carrots and reach for the bag of whole carrots. Savings: $1.50.
3) A visit to Deli Counter will give you sticker shock. Cook a turkey breast for dinner on Sunday and use the leftovers for weekday lunches. Savings: ~$6/lb.
4) Buy your oatmeal in the “Old Fashioned” drum rather than the pricy individual packets. Savings: ~$4/lb.
5) Go canned. Canned pineapple chunks are a bargain compared to fresh pinneapple. Savings: ~$2.50

Shopping Smart on a Budget

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