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School of Law professor Cornelius Hurley comments on AIG


AIG bonuses: Don’t pay, “let them sue”

Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law and former counsel to the Fed Board of Governors, says taxpayer-owned insurance giant AIG should just not pay those executive bonuses and let them sue. “Since the AIG bailout in September, the moribund company has paid out $120B to counterparties and […]

Maria Mitchell, 19th Century Astronomer, and the Sexing of Science

The Boston University Women’s Studies program, along with BU WISE, is sponsoring an event entitled “Maria Mitchell, 19th Century Astronomer, and the Sexing of Science” today from 3 PM – 5 PM in the Hillel House, 213 Bay State Road, Boston.  Renee Bergland, Professor of English at Simmons College, will discuss the work of Maria […]

Say ‘no’ to bonuses at bailed-out AIG

Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law (and early in his career responsible for executive compensation at Shawmut National Corporation, now part of Bank of America) says there should be no bonuses at bailed-out insurance giant AIG. “It defies imagination that the Treasury Department would sign off on […]

Global recession, not OPEC, setting oil prices

School of Management finance Professor Mark T. Williams, an expert on energy risk management, says the global recession has overtaken the ability of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to set oil prices, which will be reflected in next week’s OPEC meeting in Vienna. “The global recession has put significant downward pressure on oil demand, […]

A new foreign policy in Latin America?

Saturday’s meeting between President Obam and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, could pave the way for a new foreign policy in Latin America.  It’s a new alliances, according to Jeffrey Rubin, professor of history and an expert on Latin American foreign policy, “between two presidents who broke centuries-old barriers of race and privilege in their […]

Madoff musings

Journalism Professor Mitchell Zuckoff, author of “Ponzi’s Scheme: The True Story of a Financial Legend,” says in a New York Times blog that Bernard Madoff has become an emblem of a bad financial era. “Once in a rare while, a financial fraud is so audacious and extraordinary, yet so in tune with larger societal forces and […]

“Card check” union proposal fight begins

Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on labor law, says the proposed Employee Free Choice Act will not likely close the gap between union share of employment in the public sector (44%) and in the private sector (7%). “The gap between public and private sector union shares reflects the degree to which institutions are subjected […]

Dem’s Limbaugh assault backfiring

College of Communication Associate Dean Tobe Berkovitz, an authority on political advertising and messaging, says the Democrats’ campaign to use Rush Limbaugh to attack the Republican Party is backfiring. “Rush is a handy punching bag for the White House and the Democratic attack machine, but the ‘Rush is the devil’ message and coordinated effort is […]