Monthly Archives: March 2009

Nutritionist Recieves the Annie Galbraith Outstanding Dietitian Award

Nutritionist and healthy eating expert Joan Salge Blake was just awarded the 2009 Annie Galbraith Outstanding Dietitian Award from the Massachusetts Dietetic Association.  Joan will be presented with this honor at the association’s annual meeting in Sturbridge on Thursday, March 19.  The award is given annually to one individual in recognition of outstanding contribution and […]

Madoff pleading guilty

Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law and legal ethics who is writing a book on Ponzi schemes, says Bernard Madoff is smart to plead guilty. “It seems that Madoff’s strategy is to confess, shorten all proceedings as much as possible, avoid jury trial almost at all costs, perhaps serve some time in prison […]

Obama highlights education

Dean Hardin Coleman of BU’s School of Education’s response to President Obama’s recent press conference on education: “President Obama has framed the debate about education in terms about what works to produce achievement which is a welcome advancement in this important national conversation.  He has clearly learned from the research on education that early childhood […]

The Fed’s Future Role

Fed chairman Bernanke’s call for a broad reworking of how the government regulates the financial system was met with skepticism by finance Professor Mark T. Williams, a former Fed bank examiner, and law Professor Tamar Frankel, a securities law authority. Williams says Bernanke missed the point. “The Fed took its eye off the ball.  The […]

Politics and the Fairness Doctrine

Journalism Professor Robert Zelnick, an attorney and former long-time ABC News correspondent, in a Boston Globe commentary cautions about Congressional efforts to revive FCC’s Fairness Doctrine. “The effort by Democrats in both Houses to resurrect broadcasting’s ‘Fairness Doctrine’ after a 22-year hiatus suggests the fragility of constitutional values once the lure of partisan advantage comes into […]

SEC to bolster whistle-blower policy

Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law and legal ethics, says the SEC’s plan to revamp its whistle-blower policies in light of the Madoff affair also should incorporate other market “signals” of wrongdoing. “Regulators should pay close attention not only the whistle blowers but also other signals of foul play.  When the promises of a money […]

Impact of death of Zimbabwe’s First Lady

International Relations Professor Charles Stith, director of the African Presidential Archives and Research Center (APARC) and former U.S. ambassador to Tanzania, says he hopes Zimbabweans will rally around the new president after the death of First Lady Susan Tsvangirai today in a car crash. “One hates to discuss politics after such a tragedy, but hopefully the […]

Dealing with “TBTF” firms

Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, proposes a 3-step plan to deal with “To-Big-To-Fail” firms seeking bailout bucks.  (1) Identify them publicly; (2) regulate them intensely; and (3) levy a charge on them equal to the cost-of-funds advantage they derive from being designated TBTF. “TBTF firms will […]

Facebook revamp looks good

Mass Communications Professor Hyun-Yeul Lee, an authority on online media, says the revamped Facebook with its new 3-column design and highlights section should be an improvement both for users and advertisers.  “Facebook’s redesign is for the better because it addresses usability and clarity for the users.  It also might be a plus for marketers in that it forces the user […]

Healthy eating

Nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake offers tips on how to eat healthy on a budget. The interview appeared on WFXT-TV, Channel 25.