Advertising bargains in a recession

Advertising Professor Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of the College of Communication, says the recession means there are plenty of bargains to be had for advertising buyers, except on bona fide hits on broadcast and cable TV.

“There is a glut of media options, so the supply-demand chain favors advertisers rather than the media.  Digital and social networks are where the action is, but even these are not drawing premium prices because they’re still trying to figure out how to monetize their popularity.

“The bargain basement of bargains are the newspapers.  Print readership dropping like a rock, with bad press further driving down space costs.  And local TV is begging for dollars with local news almost in as dire straights as their print counterparts.  Magazines, meantime, are sinking.

“So where are the bargains to be had?  Pretty much everywhere!”

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