Monthly Archives: April 2009

Bad economy makes immigration reform even more needed

Law Professor Susan Akram, a Pakistan-born authority on immigration and refugee law, says it’s incorrect to suggest the financial meltdown makes it impossible to justify legalizing undocumented people when citizens are facing job losses.  President Obama, she says, is right to push for immigration reform now. “Hard evidence about U.S. immigration – both legal and […]

Fed should share bank “stress-test” details

School of Management executive-in-residence Mark T. Williams, a former Federal Reserve bank examiner, says the Fed should be sharing more details with the public about the “stress-testing” being conducted on the nation’s 19 largest financial institutions. “It is understandable that the Fed needs to protect the confidential nature of test results.  But how the tests […]

Small investors may be allowed in on bank bailout

School of Management Professor Scott Stewart, an investment-management expert and former Fidelity funds manager, says the possibility of small investors being allowed to get in with the big hedge funds in investing in the banking bailout might be a disaster, but could work. “To provide access to the little guy, you’d want a mutual fund […]

FCC launches national broadband plan

Mass Communication Professor T. Barton Carter, an FCC expert, reflects on the commission’s long-awaited start today on a national broadband plan aimed at ensuring all consumers have access to fast and affordable services. “Universal broadband has been a major goal of the Obama administration from the beginning.  It is viewed as essential in today’s society as […]

How can the BU hockey team prepare for the Frozen Four?

World-renowned sports psychologist and full-time professor in Boston University’s School of Education Dr. Len Zaichkowsky offers advice to the BU Hockey team as they prepare for the Frozen Four:    

Vermont okays gay marriage, a legal milestone

Law Professor Linda McClain, an authority on family law and policy, says Vermont’s legislature legalizing gay marriage marks an erosion of political resistance to same-sex unions – at least in that state. “One objection to the Massachusetts high court’s approach of ruling that the constitutional remedy for excluding gay men and lesbians from marriage was […]

Google “stealing” from papers is misguided notion

College of Communication Dean Tom Fiedler, a Pulitizer winner and former executive editor of the Miami Herald, says the threat by the Associated Press to take on Web aggregators who distribute news stories without paying for them is misguided. “I think the AP and its newspaper members have more to lose than to gain from […]

All Because of the Color of His Skin

The Boston University Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center presents renowned Dylan expert Christopher Ricks. He will discuss race and its relations to the art of Bob Dylan in his lecture “All Because of the Color of his Skin.” The lecture will take place on Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00 PM in Metcalf Hall, which is […]

AP take on Web aggregators

Journalism Department Chairman Lou Ureneck, a former deputy editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, says it’s about time the Associated Press and its member papers took on the Web aggregators that use articles without legal permission. “This is long overdue.  The newspapers seem to be taking their cue from book publishers, who recently settled with Google.” […]

IBM/Sun Microsystems merger talks collapse

School of Management Professor N. “Venkat” Venkatraman, chairman of the Information Systems Department, says the breakdown of the merger talks between IBM and Sun Microsystems is bad news for Sun. “I am wondering if HP or Dell may get into the fray now that IBM seems to be walking away.  Both could benefit from having […]