Even if the new flu strain is waning here, there is still concern that it will spread southward

As fears of the deadly outbreak of influenza A H1N1 have diminished with Mexico City returning to “normalcy,” and fewer US schools closings, this “swine flu” is still around and may be spreading less aggressively than some seasonal virus strains.  However, in the southern hemisphere where the weather is getting colder and their traditional flu season is about to start, there is concern about the new strain spreading, noted Dr. David Ozonoff, a BU School of Public Health disease specialist.

“Remember that this new virus strain came after our ususal flu season and the dynamics of the disease in the southern hemisphere could be very different. So we have to be watchful of what happens down there. We may get some clues of what may happen next in late August or September. We still lack the ability to connect the genetics with the biology with the flu — this virus is still a moving target.”

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