Microsoft to unveil new search engine

Word’s out that Microsoft plans to unveil next week a new version of its Internet search engine.  Meantime, Yahoo says it plans to improve the way it’s engine performs searches.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, who heads the Information Systems Department, can offer perspective on how the moves will affect the battle to compete to search giant Google.

It’s encouraging to see Microsoft persevering with the search engine for several reasons: (1) Search is an essential building block for many online services and Microsoft is in the midst of transforming its business model to include online and cloud-based services and it cannot let the gateway be controlled by Google; (2) Mobile search is still in its infancy; (3) Search within social networks and social graphs (a la Facebook and Twitter) is still very immature.

“Their current low market share, while discouraging, should not deter Microsoft if they can come up with a more effective search engine that yields relevant, context-specific and timely results.”

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