Monthly Archives: May 2009

Early Alzheimer detection test coming in 12 to 18 months

Using skin cells, researchers have tested 300 people to determine if they have early stages of Alzheimers Disease with promising results. But Robert A. Stern, associate director of the Clinical Care at the Alzheimer Disease Center warns there is no real data and little information so far. Contact Robert Stern, 617-638-5678,

Wall Street compensation battles

With public heat on bonuses at bailed-out Wall Street banks, Citigroup and Bank of American reportedly may be joining Morgan Stanley in raising base salaries to make up for annual bonus limitations.  School of Management Professor Fred Foulkes, director of the Human Resources Policy Institute, can comment on the trend. Contact Fred Foulkes, 617-353-4281,

Banks want it both ways

The FDIC is being lobbied by banking trade groups for permission for banks to be able to bid on the same “toxic” assets that the banks will be putting up for sale in the government’s Public Private Investment program.  The Feds haven’t said yet if banks can have it both ways.  School of Law Professor Cornelius […]

Facebook gets Russian investment

Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian investment firm, is investing $200 million for a 1.96-percent stake in the social networking site Facebook.  School of Management Professor N.Venkat Venkatraman, chairman of the Information Systems Department, says this won’t challenge Microsoft’s investment in Facebook which is more of a strategic partnership. Contact N. Venkat Venkatraman, 617-353-7117,

GM approaches bankruptcy

With bondholder interest too low, GM won’t proceed with the repurchasing of some $27 billiion of notes it sought, meaning it is on the brink of bankruptcy — which should come next week with the U.S. government winding up owning 70 percent of the automaker.  School of Management Dean Louis Lataif, a former Ford senior executive, […]

International Relations professor William Keylor on N. Korea

Nation’s first cybersecurity czar to be created this week

Reporting to the national security and economic advisors, President Obama is expected to outline plans for a cybersecurity advisor who will develop a strategy to protect government security networks and private computer networks. Azer Bestavros, professor of computer science and an expert on computer security, can comment on the role of this advisor along with the “strategic vision” […]

New SCOTUS nominee

President Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor to succeed David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court.  If confirmed by the Senate, she would be the first Hispanic and third woman in history on the high court.  School of Law Professor Jack Beermann, a Supreme Court authority, can comment. Contact Jack Beermann, 617-353-2577,

California high court ruling on same-sex marriages

California’s Supreme Court today upheld last November’s state’s Proposition 8 decision by voters that overturned the high court’s earlier ruling legalizing same-sex marriages.  School of Law Professor Linda McClain, an authority on family law and policy, can comment on the legal ramifications of today’s decision. “Perhaps this, in combination with the economic problems California faces, may […]

Prof. Tom Whalen comments on Guantanamo