Monthly Archives: May 2009

Possible new consumer watchdog agency

Reports say the Obama administration is considering creating a new regulatory agency to protect consumers of a wide variety of financial products ranging from mortgages to hedge funds.  School of Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, a proponent of regulatory streamlining who directs the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, can comment on the implications.  Meantime, […]

Small banks also facing big losses

Former deputy Comptroller of the Currency Robert Bench, now senior fellow at the School of Law’s Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, says it’s no surprise a Wall Street Journal survey shows more than 900 mid-and small-sized banks could generate losses of $100 billion on commercial real estate loans by the end of 2010. […]

Obama calls for tighter tailpipe emissions and 35.5 mph fuel average

Cutler J. Cleveland, Professor of Geography and the Environment  and on the faculty of the Center for Energy & Environmental Studies can discuss President Obama’s proposal for tough standards on tailpipe emissions and higher fuel efficiency targets to 35.5 miles per gallon for new vehicles by 2016 — four years earlier than required under the 2007 energy […]

Madoff probe targets wealthy clients

Reports say investigators into Bernard Madoff’s alleged “Ponzi scheme” are looking at some of his wealthy clients who may have known that the returns on their investments were unrealistically high.  School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel, a securities law expert and Israeli native, says this would violate both securities law and Jewish law. “Jewish law […]

Wal-Mart pushing electronics

This week Wal-Mart is taking the fight to Best Buy and Amazon (as Circuit City fades away) by upgrading the electronics departments in its 3,500 stores across the country.  School of Management marketing Professor Frederic Brunel says it’s a consequence of the ubiquitous nature of easy-to-install/operate consumer electronics. “This is self-service selling, and thus the […]

Bibi and Barack have first face-to-face

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to put a priority on Iran’s nuclear ambitions when he meets today with President Obama, an indication that Palestinian statehood, backed by the U.S. but not endorsed by Netanyahu, can wait.  College of Communication Professor Robert Zelnick, a former long-time ABC News correspondent in the Middle East, can offer […]

Silicon Valley braces for antitrust shift

Silicon Valley companies, particularly Google, are bracing for an expected new phase of tough new antitrust scrutiny under the Obama administration.  School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust law expert, says the Justice Department is shifting from cartel enforcement back toward prosecuting big firms for monopolization. “The key obstacle for the Obama administration will […]

U.S. recession undermines kid’s health

Caroline Apovian, M.D., BU School of Medicine associate professor of medicine and pediatrics, can discuss how tough economic times are having an impact on children as struggling parents turn to cheap fast food to feed their families. Contact Dr. Caroline Apovian, 617-414-1816,

Prof. Tom Whalen comments on Pelosi vs. the CIA

Hackers attack Facebook, gain passwords

A feared phishing attack on Facebook enabled hackers to gain passwords from some of the estimated 200 million users and send e-mails to “friends” urging them to click on links to fake websites. The site fought off a similar attack two weeks ago.  Azer Bestavros, professor of computer science is familiar with many of the security issues […]