Monthly Archives: June 2009

Report: New Yahoo branding coming

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo is working on a “massive” effort to overhaul the Internet search company’s brand.  School of Management Professor Susan Fournier, an expert on branding, can offer insight about the strategy and tactics of such major re-branding initiatives. Contact Susan Fournier, 617-353-2773,

Crunchtime for healthcare reform

Congress is now getting down to the “devil-in-the-details” level as it mulls various healthcare reform options, even as President Obama takes to prime-time TV to keep up the drum beat of change.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of the forthcoming “In Urgent Need of Reform: Saving the U.S. Healthcare System,” can discuss the options […]

Oscar’s widened hug

The out-of-the-blue announcement that the number of nominees for “best picture” Academy Awards will double to 10 caught the industry off guard.  College of Communication Professor William Linsman, who directs the BU in Los Angeles program, can discuss the possible meaning of Oscar’s widened embrace. Contact William Linsman, 323-571-4535,

S.C. Governor admits affair

Would be 2012 GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina admits he had an affair with a women he’d been secretly visting the past week in Argentina.  College of Communications Associate Dean Tobe Berkovitz, an expert in political communication, says this is a career breaker. “Yes cry for me Argentina!” Contact Tobe Berkovitz, […]

Intel-Nokia deal seeks future

Technology giants Intel and Nokia have agreed to join forces to help design next-gen portable smartphones and the high-powered chips to run them.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, head of the Information Systems Department, says this could be a major coup for both companies. Contact N. Venkat Venkatraman, 617-353-7117,

Bailed-out Citi raising salaries

Coping with a government bailout/buy-in and a share price down 84 percent from last year, Citigroup reportedly intends to raise base salaries as much as 50 percent to offset smaller annual bonuses.  School of Management Professor Fred Foulkes, director of the Human Resources Policy Institute, can discuss how this might go over with the Obama […]

The Globe turns a corner

The Boston Newspaper Guild has reportedly reached a tentative agreement with Boston Globe management on a contract that cuts pay 6 percent and eliminates lifetime job guarantees.  With parent company New York Times still shopping the Globe, the Guild has set a contract ratification date of July 20.  College of Communication Associate Dean Tobe Berkovitz […]

How the media is covering Iran

With authorities expelling journalists and limiting access to demonstrations, “user-generated” content — text via Facebook or Twitter and cell-phone video posted to YouTube — have become the staple of news coverage of post-election Iran.  College of Communication journalism Professor Anne Donohue, who covered the 1979 Iranian revolution (and soon was evacuated with the Shah), can offer perspective […]

Obama to discuss Iran/North Korea

With President Obama set to address the questions surrounding his handling of recent threats to our nation’s foreign and domestic policy, political expert Thomas Whalen is available for analysis. Contact Thomas Whalen, 617-353-4785,

Swiss bank-secrecy deal off?

The New York Times reports that sources say the effort may be dropped to force Switzerland to end its banking secrecy by getting the UBS bank identify 52,000 wealth Americans suspected of offshore tax evasion.  School of Law Professor Daniel Berman, director of the Graduate Tax Program and a former U.S. Treasury attorney dealing with international […]