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Digital media, kids, and the FCC

With “new challenges” like computers, video games, and cellphones in addition to TV, kids are being impacted by advertising on all sorts of digital media.  Under a new chairman, the FCC now wants an updated study on how ads and violent images affect children.  College of Communication Professor T. Barton Carter, an FCC expert, says […]

NYT earnings good industry sign

Despite plunging ad revenue, The New York Times Company reports a surprising 85-percent increase in 2Q profits.  Professor Lou Ureneck, the Journalism Department chair and former Philadelphia Inquirer deputy editor, says the numbers bode well for an industry recovery. “It’s too early to end the alarm over newspaper earnings, but it seems to indicate that […]

Yahoo looking to trim

In its effort to dump non-core assets, Yahoo reportedly is looking to sell off both its HotJobs (which competes with Careerbuilder and and Yahoo Small Business.  School of Management finance Professor Israel Shaked, a M&A specialist, can discuss the Internet giant’s ongoing strategy. Contact Israel Shaked, 617-353-2665,

Wither business magazines?

Reflecting the down-advertising woes of the newspaper industry, the top business magazines –BusinessWeek, Fortune, and Forbes — reportedly are facing a shakeout.  At least one may not make it, experts say.  Journalism Department chair Professor Lou Ureneck, who teaches business journalism, can survey the shaky media lanscape. Contact Lou Ureneck, 617-353-4095,

Communications Dean Tom Fiedler comments on Obama’s healthcare plan

Obama’s healthcare media blitz

In an effort to get Congress to pass a healthcare reform bill by the August recess, President Obama has launched a media blitz to push his agenda, including a prime-time news conference tomorrow night.  Political communications expert Professor Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of the College of Communication, says Obama may have overused the microphone. “Unfortunately […]

Next-gen investigative reporting

With investigative reporting increasingly relying on not-for-profit help, the BU-based New England Center for Investigative Reporting (NECIR) already is helping nurture future investigative reporters.   Some 22 Massachusetts high school students are attending an intensive workshop this week under the guidance of program director Joe Bergantino. Contact Joe Bergantino,  617-353-4546,

What next at the Globe?

With the Boston Globe‘s largest union finally okaying a contract with $10 million in concessions, all eyes are on its owner, The New York Times, to see if it will sell New England’s largest newspaper.  Professor Lou Ureneck, the BU Journalism Department chair and an authority on the business of newspapers, can offer some informed speculation. […]

Schwab facing fraud suit

New York’s attorney general plans to sue Charles Schwab, the largest online brokerage firm, for civil fraud for its marketing and selling of auctions-rate securities.  These short-term debt instruments whose prices are reset in periodic auctions caused billions in investor losses when the market collapsed last year.  School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel says ignorance […]

IR Prof. Andrew Bacevich: “Is Afghanistan worth it?”

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