A Thanksgiving Series from Professor Joan Salge Blake:

squahsTip # 2: Trim the amount of food you serve on Thanksgiving.
Take a head count. How many pilgrims and Indians are you really feeding? I bet it’s a lot less than the first Thanksgiving. I know you want leftovers because they’re the best part of the whole holiday, but do you really need a 20-pound bird for a party of six?

Make an executive decision to serve fewer dishes. It isn’t mandatory to have mashed and sweet potatoes, nor do you have to serve both whole cranberry sauce and the gelatinous kind that fans out like an ostrich’s tail. And what about those pies? How many varieties have to be served for it to be Thanksgiving? (Does anyone actually eat mincemeat pie?)

Better Bet: Serve only one dessert.

Check back tomorrow for Tip #3.

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