A Thanksgiving Series from Professor Joan Salge Blake:

pieTip #3: Trim the amount of food you eat.

We stuff ourselves silly on Thanksgiving because we’re afraid we’ll have to wait another 12 months before we can indulge in the whole turkey thing again.

Try to remember that this is America. If you want a turkey with stuffing and apple pie a la mode in July, it’s yours for the asking. In fact, if we all got in the habit of repeating this meal a few times throughout the year, it probably wouldn’t have that “Last Supper” appeal to it.

Challenge yourself to eat at least 25 percent less this year, and the calories and fat won’t be so astronomical. Consider serving your Turkey Day on smaller plates. This is the easiest way to consume 25 percent less without much of an effort.

Check back tomorrow for Tip #4.

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