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Wellesley lawyer new BofA CEO

Bank of American has tapped Wellesley attorney Brian Moynihan as its new CEO, promoting him up from head of the bank’s consumer and small-business operations.  Former Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the BU School of Management, says BofA needs a risk-management veteran, not a lawyer, at its helm. “In […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 2: Tame the party animal Let’s get realistic about this; How many parties do you expect to attend in the next few weeks, including New Year’s Eve? Two or three a week? Do you realize that if you drink two glasses of wine at each of those parties, by the end of the […]

What’s next for Tiger?

Corporate sponsors are taking the Tiger Woods’ episode as a chance to rethink the value they may be getting for celebrity endorsers.  Meantime, public-relations Professor Peter Morrissey, an expert in reputation management, says Tiger has to wait for this to bottom out and avoid the tendancy to act like a victim. “History will record if […]

Booze crackdown in Russia

The Russian government wants to use price controls and a crackdown on bootlegged vodka to cut that nation’s “colossal drinking” by 72 percent over the next decade.  International relations and sociology Professor Walter Connor, a Russian politics expert who once ran the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, says such a cultural turn-around will be tough. […]

Citigroup repayment costs taxpayers

On the one hand Citigroup is repaying Uncle Sam that TARP bailout money, which is good for taxpayers.  On the other hand, they’re getting a multi-billion dollar tax break in the process.  Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, a former senior economist in the White House Council of Economic Advisors, doesn’t like the tax breaks built into […]

EU ends Microsoft antitrust case

After Microsoft agreed to market its rival’s browsers alongside its own Internet Explorer, the European Commission settled its last antitrust issues with the software giant.  Law Professor Keith Hylton says the deal makes sense to both Microsoft and the European regulators, but he sees a problem looming. “This settlement may encourage even more aggressive theories […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 1: Eat Off Grandma’s China Talk about portion distortion. According to research, the surface area of a typical dinner plate has increased by 36% since 1960. Let’s face it: The bigger the plate, the more food you are likely to heap on and eat. Tip: Use Grandma’s dinner plates at your supper and […]

Golden Globes a hint at Oscars?

The George Clooney-led serio-comedy “Up in the Air” led the Golden Globe nominations, but will that translate into Academy Award noms later this season?  Hard to tell, says Film & TV Department Chairman Paul Schneider, though he expects considerable overlap. “‘Invictus’ did not get a picture nomination but Clint Eastwood did – so that is […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

The Science Behind Holiday Weight Gain: Tis the season… We know that the holiday season brings too many parties, too many get-togethers, and too many desserts.  However, an interesting article from the National Council on Strength & Fitness identifies a group of compounding physiological factors that explain why the activities of the holidays make it […]

Tiger’s endorsments iffy

Some of Tiger Woods’ endorsers are sticking with him, some are bailing out, and others are waiting to see if the firestorm hits them.  Advertising Professor Chris Cakebread, who teaches sports marketing, says much will depend on how much the advertisers feel “trust” is significant in their pitching Tiger. “Tiger was a trustworthy spokesperson for […]