From Joan Salge Blake:

superbowl pizzaPlanning to dial up a super pizza on Super Bowl Sunday? You may get a busy signal as the sales of pizzas increase by at least 30 percent, on average, in pizzerias across America, on the day of the big game.

Keep in mind that a pizza with “everything” on it can add close to 4,000 calories per pie to your half time celebration. Skipping the fatty meat toppings, but topping your pie with plenty of veggies will score a satisfying pie for less than half the calories.  Click here for a fun, interactive “Build Your Own Pizza” program to find out how your favorite pie measures up.

To enjoy the game without having to worry about the score on the scale the next day, try these Super Healthy Super Bowl crowd pleasers:
• Beer-Cooked, Shrimp Cocktail with a Spicy Cocktail Sauce
• A Salsa Face Off With Red, Yellow, and Green Pepper Slices instead of Chips
A Healthy Homemade Grilled Vegetable Pizza

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