Monthly Archives: February 2010

Why some people live longer than others

BU researchers are exploring why certain families produce members who live well past their eighties. The Long Life Family Study, made up of investigators from other universities and sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, will try to determine which environmental, behavioral and genetic factors contribute to longevity. Boston University Associate Professor Dr. Thomas Perls, […]

More power to Treasury secretary?

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd will propose a council of regulators — headed by the Treasury secretary — be created to monitor systemic risk across the financial spectrum.  Former Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark Williams, who teaches finance in the School of Management is is author of “Uncontrolled Risk” about the fall of Lehman […]

Pushing for nuke test ban

The Obama administration is pushing Congress to ratify the 1996 U.N. nuclear test-ban treaty and increase appropriations to monitor America’s aging stockpile without testing.  Philip O’Neill, author of “Verification in an Age of Insecurity” who teaches national security law at the BU School of Law, says extra monitoring is good but addresses only part of the […]

BofA balks at SEC settlement

Bank of America is balking at suggestions from a federal judge that an outside compensation consultant be appointed as part of BofA’s settlement with the SEC.  The judge has twice rejected as too small settlement proposals in the case involving BofA not disclosing both losses and bonuses when it merged with Merrill Lynch.  Law Professor […]

Two senior Taliban leaders arrested

As U.S. and Pakistani intelligence agents press their offensive, two senior Taliban leaders have been arrested in Pakistan.  International relations Prof. Charles Dunbar, who once headed the U.S. embassy in Kabul during his four-decade diplomatic career, says the arrests indicate that the Pakistan government may be inclined to help the U.S. more on the war in Afghanistan […]

Tiger will finally speak

Tiger Woods, who has been in hiding for the past three months, will speak publicly for the first time tomorrow, marking the beginning of what his agent calls “the process of making amends.”  What does this mean for the golf legend with the once squeaky-clean image?  Frank Shorr, professor of sports journalism and director of the […]

Federal debt commission forming

President Obama will name GOP ex-Sen. Alan Simpson and former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles to co-chair a bi-partisan commisson – being created by executive order – to tackle the federal debt.  Political Science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Business and Politics,” says Republican congressional leaders will be challenged to cooperate. “Everyone […]

Taliban leader’s capture confirmed

Pakistan has confirmed the capture of the Taliban’s top military commander, the result of a joint effort by Pakistani and U.S. intelligence agencies.  International Relations Professor Joseph Wippl, a 30-year CIA operations officer, said it highlights the need for such joint enterprises. “The capture of Mullah Abdu Ghani Baradar demonstrates once again that the success […]

Ukranian election results suspended

Although President Obama and others already have congratulated the winner, Ukraine’s high court has suspended the results of that country’s presidential election pending a review of the runner-up’s appeal.  Tammy Lynch, a senior fellow at BU’s Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology & Policy and an authority on Ukranian politics, says it’s a power play […]

‘Every Victory Counts’ Program Launched

Sargent College is supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation in its launch of Every Victory Counts, a new program for living well with Parkinson’s. The cornerstone of this program is a progressive, interactive manual designed to inform and inspire people to live well with Parkinson’s and take a more active role in managing the disease. Boston […]