Monthly Archives: February 2010

Poll: 75% back gays in military

A Washington Post-ABC News polls shows three-quarters of Americans say they approve of gays serving openly in the military.  Political science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Only in America? American Politics in Comparative Perspective,” says it reflects the fact that American society was becoming more tolerant while our politics were becoming less so. “While candidates were […]

Global bank tax coming?

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown predicts a global bank tax may by enacted as soon as this summer at the G-20 meeting of economic powers.  Law Professor Daniel Berman, director of the Graduate Tax Program and a former U.S. Treasury deputy international tax counsel, says establishing such a tax could be harder than it sounds. “When I […]

US objects to UK court disclosure

The White House and U.S. intelligence community are grousing about a British court’s decision that forced the UK to disclose classified U.S. intelligence about an ex-Gitmo detainee released to the Brits.  Thirty-year CIA veteran Joseph Wippl, director of the Center for International Relations, says we have no right to comment about another democratic nation’s legal […]

EU rejects U.S. data-sharing deal

In a blow to the effort to stem the flow of international financing for terrorism, the European Parliament rejected a controversial data-sharing deal with the United States, citing privacy concerns.  International relations Professor William Keylor, an authority on U.S.-European relations, says the snub demonstrates how fighting a global war on terrorism is tough without full […]

EU seeks Greece economic rescue

European Union governments are grappling how to manage the debt crisis in Greece that threatens to undermine the shared euro currency.  Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, who a decade ago in Foreign Affairs magazine predicted the euro’s collapse, says Greece’s debt woes are a precursor to what may happen in the U.S. “Greece is where the United States […]

French loyalty tests

After months of debate, France has unveiled a patriotic  initiative that will have schools flying the French flag and students singing the national anthem — and require immigrants to sign a declaration of French values.  The move comes amid growing anti-Muslim sentiment in France.  International relations Professor William Keylor says it’s no different than Americans saying the Pledge of […]

BofA/S.E.C. settlement still unsettled

Federal Judge Jed Rakoff suggests he may reject a $150 million proposed deal reached between Bank of America and the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges the bank misled shareholders when it took over Merrill Lynch.  Law Professor Elizabeth Nowicki, once an S.E.C. attorney, says she’s sympathetic to the S.E.C, but applauds the judge’s […]

Healthcare reform update

With President Obama inviting Congressional Republicans to a Feb. 25 summit in hopes of reviving healthcare reform legislation, political jockeying is under way.  House GOP leaders say they may boycott unless the bills that passed both Democrat-controlled chambers are scrapped.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Healthcare System” says the […]

Creative Writing Program hosts annual Faculty Reading

The Creative Writing Program will be hosting its annual Faculty Reading tonight at 7:30 PM in the School of Management Auditorium (595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston). The readers will include: former US Poets Laureate Robert Pinsky and Louise Glück; novelist and Director of the Program, Leslie Epstein; poet and translator David Ferry; novelist Allegra Goodman and […]

Obama losing independents

The latest Marist Poll shows 57 percent of independent voters don’t approve of President Obama’s job performance — up from 44 pecent in early December.  Political Science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Only in America? American Politics in Comparative Perspective,” says it’s ironic a great campaigner like Oama is losing his communications touch. “His health care […]