Al-Qaida growing in Africa

Africa mapU.S. defense and counerterrorism officials say al-Qaida’s terror network is growing in both strength and numbers in North Africa, threatening to destablize the Sahara region.  International relations Prof. Charles Stith, a former U.S. ambassador to Tanzania who direct’s BU’s African Presidential Archives and Research Center, says it’s in America’s interest to help development in Africa.

“Africa is an area of the world where American interests are most vulnerable and where there is one of the best opportunities to defend and propagate the values that are the underpinnings for democracy and the free market.  The U.S. needs to look for ways to help its African allies shore up the public and private sector institutions that will enable them to fight off the assaults to the nascent opportunity societies they are trying to create.”

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Mister Houston posted on March 6, 2010 at 10:38 am

I don’t understand why it’s always in America’s best interests. Doesn’t any other country in the world have the same interests in freedom and equality as America does?

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