Monthly Archives: April 2010

BU and PEJ release report on election coverage

A new study produced by Boston University and the Project for Excellence in Journalism that outlines media coverage of the Massachusetts special senate election has revealed some interesting points about the recent race.   According to the report, national media initially lost interest in a “fairly dull and utterly local contest.”  But, “when it became […]

CIA head okayed ’05 video distruction

A newly released document shows that, although he didn’t okay it in advance, then CIA Director Porter Goss in 2005 approved of the decision to destroy dozens of videotapes of brutal interrogations of terrorism detainees.  International Relations Professor Joseph Wippl, a 30-year CIA operation officer, asks if the tapes were destroyed to protect CIA personnel doing […]

Networked networks shown as fragile

You’d think that networks that are linked to other networks would be more stable because they’d multiply their redundancy.  Wrong.  New research by BU physicists, published in the latest Nature magazine and discussed in Wired, shows just the opposite.  In fact, networked networks are more susceptible to swift, catastrophic collapse than are independent networks, said […]

SEC charges Goldman with fraud

The SEC alleges Goldman Sachs defrauded investors by marketing an investment backed by sub-prime loans without telling them that a big hedge fund was on the other side betting that it would fail — which it did.  Law Professors Cornelius Hurley, a former counsel to the Fed Board of Governors, and Elizabeth Nowicki, a former SEC […]

BU research breakthrough on diabetes

For the first time, tests of an artificial pancreas system developed by BU researchers have successfully maintained near-normal glucose levels in patients without causing hypoglycemia.  The tests, conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, were the first of an artificial pancreas using both insulin and the blood-sugar-raising hormone glucagon.  Department of Biomedical Engineering Prof. Edward Damiano, who co-led […]

Galleon insider-trading probe widens

Widening the insider-trading probe involving Galleon hedge-fund founder Raj Rajaratnam, federal prosecutors reportedly now are examining if a Goldman Sachs board member gave inside information about the Wall Street firm during the height of the financial crisis.  Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law and author of “Trust and Honesty: America’s Business Culture […]

Robert Lowell Memorial Lecture Series Tonight

BU’s Favorite Poem Project is hosting The Robert Lowell Memorial Lecture Series tonight which will include a poetry reading by Louise Glück, Dan Chiasson, Dana Levin, and Janet Foxman.  The lectures will take place on the fourth floor of the School of Management building at 7:30 PM.  The event will also include a reception and […]

Obama pushes for derivatives reform

President Obama says he wants more regulatory control over the trading of derivatives, the financial products that helped crash the economy, and says the Democrats’ efforts to re-regulate Wall Street will not lead to another taxpayer bailout.  Former Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark Williams, who teaches finance at the BU School of Management and is […]

IMF tempers on capital controls

The International Monetary Fund recently endorsed the use of capital controls by governments to avoid asset bubbles.  Now it’s backing off a bit, saying such policies could cause distortions in domestic and international markets.  International Relations Professor Kevin Gallagher, a specialist in globalization and development who has written about the IMF and capital controls in Foreign Policy […]

Poland sets presidential election

In the wake of the plane crash that killed its president and 95 others, Poland will be staging a presidential election on June 20th.  Though protests are growing over where the late president Lech Kaczynski will be buried, international relations Professor Igor Lukes, a specialist in Eastern European politics, says in a BU Today interview […]