Alleged Russian espionage ring busted

top secret stampThe FBI arrested 11 people for allegedly spying for the Russians while living secret lives in American communities – from Washington, D.C., to Seattle – sent here years ago to infiltrate U.S. society and steal its secrets.  It’s unclear what the alleged spies actually found.  Two BU international relations professors, Arthur Hulnick and Joseph Wippl, are both long-time veterans of the CIA and quite familiar with the world of spies.  They offer their thoughts on the big bust.

Hulnick: “The case demonstrates that the FBI is really good at uncovering such spy rings.  I’m not sure what will happen to the Russians who have devoted so much time and effort to what appears to be a failed operation.  I suspect the Russian government will deny that it is behind the operation.”

Wippl: “Unlike diplomats, none of the 11 has diplomatic immunity which would result in a PNG (Persona Non Grata) expulsion from the U.S.  Without diplomatic immunity, they will be prosecuted in a U.S. court according to the charges brought against them.”

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