Hearing on AZ immigration law

Arizona welcome signA federal judge in Phoenix is hearing arguments from the state, the feds, and civil rights groups over whether Arizona’s controversial new immigration law — requiring officers to check a person’s immigration status if there’s a “reasonable suspicion” that the person is here illegally — should take effect next week.  Law Professor Susan Akram, an authority on immigration law, says similar attempts by states to seize from the federal government responsibility for immigration matters have either been tied up in litigation for years or were overturned.

“It does not appear that public opinion has been influenced by the actual facts involved in passing such measures: that they are unlikely to be enforceable because they conflict with an area in which federal law pre-empts most state action; that they are going to be subject to serious and lengthy litigation; and that they are going to cost the states and localities significant resources without achieving the benefits they seek.”

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