Monthly Archives: July 2010

Obama names Medicare/Medicaid chief

Avoiding a political battle over a nomination process, President Obama appointed Harvard Professor Donald Berwick (l.), a patient-care-specialist health-policy expert, to run Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the critical transition into the implementation phase of the new health-care reform law.   BU Professor Stephen Davidson, also a health-policy expert and author of “Still Broken: Understanding the […]

The weak link in bank reform

The financial regulatory reform legislation likely to be sent soon to President Obama calls for the biggest banks and hedge funds to put up some $20 billion in fees to pay the costs of additional oversight by regulators.  But even that won’t help regulators don’t quickly upgrade the training and standards of rank-and-file examiners, says Mark […]

Russian/U.S. spy swap

Those alleged Russian spies arrested after living in U.S. suburbia for 10 years were brought to New York as word got out that they may plead guilty and then be swapped for a scientist Moscow has kept imprisoned for a decade for allegedly spying for the United States.  International relations Professor Arthur Hulnick, himself a long-time veteran […]

Anger and leadership

Although “coolness” was a factor that helped get him elected, President Obama has come under fire for not showing more anger — with banks, terrorists, or oil spills.  School of Management Professor Kathy Kram, an expert on executive leadership development, says temperment is basically a set of preferences for how one wants to be in […]

Obama, Netanyahu meet again

With recriminations over Israel’s blockade of Gaza still erupting, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with President Obama at the White House for a show of solidarity meant for political audiences in both countries.  International relations Professor Augustus Richard Norton, a Middle-East specialist and author of “Hezbollah: A Short History,” says Netanyahu has been playing the […]

Goldman executives questioned

The Congressionally appointed Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission exploring the 2008 crash questioned executives from Goldman Sachs, the world’s most profitable bank, about how much it makes trading derivatives — those complex financial bets that helped bring down the economy.  Goldman Chief Financial Officer David Viniar said they had no way of determining its derivatives data […]