BU Quad Senior Bucket List


Starting on March 1, the senior editorial staff  from the Quad began contributing weekly posts outlining the activities, places and trips all Boston-area college students should have on their bucket list.  A total of 10 posts makes up what these graduating seniors believe to be the most compelling, noteworthy “must-do’s” for all underclassmen to accomplish before graduation.  Here is the list in its entirety:

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Cheat Sheet:

1. Party Favors, a hidden gem 2. Splurge on a great meal 3. Explore local culture in Jamaica Plain 4. Beer me, Boston. 5. Boston’s Alternative Movie Theaters 6. The Skywalk Observatory 7. Urban Biking Adventures 8. Explore music venues for every genre 9. Getting out of Boston 10. South Boston Street Festival

Photo credits:

1. Kara Korab 2. SweetonVeg 3. Mr. Ducke 4. compujeramey 5. D’Arcy Norman 6. whisperwolf 7. joeldinda 8. bradsearles 9. Rice Bear 10. animalvegetable

All photos, except Kara Korab, courtesy Flickr/Creative Commons.

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