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New rules expand availability of embryonic stem cells

New NIH rules on embryonic stem cell research  for the study of medical disorders and the development of cures, expands President Obama’s vision of stem cell research while also strengthening ethical requirements.  Darrell Kotton,MD, associate professor at BU’s School of Medicine, whose lab is developing novel stem cell and gene therapies for lung diseases, can discuss […]

Surging spam attacks on Twitter

A rise in malicious spam attacks on Twitter users by cybercriminals, as reported in USA Today,  is directing people to websites soliciting porn,  fake drugs and phony anti-virus subscriptions.  Azer Bestavros, professor of computer science and an expert on social networking security issues, can discuss the problems facing heavy Twitter users. Contact Azer Bestavros, 617-353-9726,

Farewell space probe Ulysses

After 18 years and nearly three complete orbits around the sun, Ulysses, the interplanetary space probe that provided scientists with a more complete understanding of the solar wind and the solar activity cycle, was turned off. Nathan Schwadron, an associate professor of astronomy, can discuss the space probe’s solar wind observations, which led scientists to […]

Except for Colorado and Mass., obesity among adults and baby boomers rising

In the nation’s annual obesity rankings, 23 states reported higher adult obesity rates over the past year with concerns about Medicare’s higher costs to treat fat baby boomers. Colorado had the lowest rate of obese adults followed by Massachusetts and Connecticut. Caroline Apovian,MD, Director of Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center, can discuss […]

FDA panel urges limits on acetaminophen products

Calling for sweeping safety restrictions on acetaminophen, the most widely used painkiller, because it is the leading cause of liver failure, a panel of 37 experts urged the FDA to lower Tylenol’s maximum dose, halt sales of prescription Vicodin, but make no changes to NyQuil and Theraflu. Brian McGeeney,MD, a pain specialist and assistant professor […]

Egg donors to be paid for research

The Empire State Stem Cell Board, which administers state funding for stem cell studies, said it would allow researchers to pay women up to $10,000 for donating their eggs for stem cell research. Applauded by some, reviled by opponents of stem cell research, no other state has anything similar to NY’s decision. George Annas, professor […]

Widespread public support for greenhouse gas rules

A Washington Post-ABC News survey shows that 75% of Americans back federal government regulations on the release of greenhouse gases from power plants, cars and factories to reduce global warming. Cutler Cleveland, Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, knows the issues as Congress prepares to vote on climate change legislation. Cutler Cleveland, […]

Will gasoline prices dip further?

Monday’s 4% U.S. oil decline — the first drop in nearly two months of rising gasoline prices — has analysts forecasting gas prices falling further by late summer. Robert Kaufmann, Director of BU’s Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, can comment. Contact Robert Kaufmann, 617-353-3940,

The long hot Summertime flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the novel H1N1 swine flu virus is hanging around this summer, with new cases in summer camps, and will continue into the fall and winter. Al Ozonoff, assistant professor of biostatistics, has worked with the CDC and can discuss their weekly forecast reports. Contact Al Ozonoff, 617-638-5866, […]

BU’s CRaTER starts orbiting the moon on June 23.

Barely 60 minutes after Thursday’s launch of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the BU-developed Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation instrument was turned on to begin measuring radiation levels. Over the next 12 months, CRaTER will provide data to help Harlan Spence, its developer, assess the risks of the harsh lunar and deep space […]