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Providing the right vaccine(s) for young and old

The delicate balancing act between manufacturing enough of the yearly influenza vaccine that is widely administered in the fall and limiting the production of the forthcoming vaccine to control the H1N1 flu virus pandemic to children and people under 30 years old, raises competing constitunency concerns for Al Ozonoff, assistant professor of biostatistics who has […]

Eli Lilly turns to academia to help find next drugs

To tap a new source of potential drug compounds, Eli Lilly & Co. wants to forge partnerships with universities by conducting free drug development evaluations on the structure and potential effectiveness of compounds academic researchers send them. Scott Schaus, associate professor of pharmacology, said Lilly’s plan, which is focused on four therapeutic areas, seems to […]

Estimating crowd size in Iran

Iran’s largest street protests in 30 years, following the disputed election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, appear as a sea of people on television with crowd estimates of his opponents and supporters in the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions. Farouk El-Baz, Director of  BU’s Center for Remote Sensing can talk about how more precise estimates are determined. […]

Medical isotope shortage postpones some diagnostic procedures

U.S. hospitals are rationing nuclear imaging tests following the shutdown of an aging Canadian nuclear reactor that produces one-third of the world’s supply of medical isotopes. This latest shortage puts a spotlight on a problem that for years has lacked corrective action, had little oversight and no long-term strategic solutions, noted Alexander Norbash, MD, Chair […]

NASA’s moon mission delayed til Friday

The Lunar Reconassiance Orbiter launch — NASA’s first return to moon exploration in 10 years — is slated for Friday, so the space shuttle Endeavor, which was delayed due to mechanical problems, can take off on Wednesday. Harlan Spence, professor of astronomy is at Cape Canaveral preparing for the LRO launch. Contact Harlan Spence, (617) […]

Senate’s FDA oversight of tobacco remains flawed

The Senate-approved FDA regulation of tobacco does not go far enough to eliminate nicotine and will only create the perception that cigarettes are safer, as more Americans die each year from lung cancer, maintains Michael Siegel, MD, longtime anti-smoking activist and professor of social and behaviroral sciences. Contact Michael Siegel, 617-638-5160,

New Alzheimer’s test too simplistic

A British self-screening test that claims to spot early dimentia more accurately is not specific at all to Alzheimer’s disease. Robert Stern, Co-director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Clinic and Disease Program, maintains the “Test Your Memory” does not include any real delayed recall tasks, cannot separate those with poor memories from Alzheimer’s patients, but is […]

FDA to decide if adult antipsychotic drugs are safe for kids and teens

The FDA will decide this week if three powerful antipsychotic medications approved for adults — Zyprexa, Seroquel and Geodon — can be safely prescribed for children as young as 10 years old. David Barlow, professor of psychiatry and psychology, knows the controversial issues and the “enormous pressure,” facing the FDA. Contact David Barlow,Ph.D., 617-353-9610,

For diabetics with heart disease, meds are as good as bypass surgery

Alice Jacobs, MD, Director of Boston Medical Center’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and professor of clinical cardiology, can discuss the results of a five year study, that showed no difference in mortality among patients with type 2 diabetes and stable heart disease who received angioplasty or bypass surgery compared to drug therapy alone. The landmark study […]

Seeking help from Congress to thwart disease that’s killing America’s bats

After learning how white-nose syndrome, a mysterious fungus that has killed more than 1 million hibernating bats and poses a serious threat to the nation’s wildlife, lawmakers at a Congressional hearing suggested the Dept. of Interior develop a new body to address wildlife diseases. Their comments came after biology professor Thomas Kunz, asked Congress for […]