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The G-8 agenda

As President Obama joins the leaders of the world’s top eight economies at the G-8 summit in Italy, the success of this gathering is already being debated.  The world economy and climate change are top agenda items the leaders will tackle.  Available to dicuss what kind of outcome we can expect from the G-8 is Kevin P. Gallagher, professor of […]

Hondura’s Zelaya to meet with Clinton

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is slated to meet with Secretary of State Clinton in Washington before a second try at returing to power.  Experts like David Scott Palmer, a professor of international relations and author of “U.S. Relations with Latin America during the Clinton Years,” suggest Zelaya’s attempts to return to Honduras would complicate what U.S. and Latin […]

The Robert McNamara legacy

With news of the passing of Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of Defense under JFK and Lyndon Johnson, talk of his leagacy will undoubtedly focus on his hand in the Vietnam War.  Available to discuss the late Vietnam-era Defense Secretary’s place in history, is retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich. Contact Andrew Bacevich, 617-358-0194,

Obama to discuss Iran/North Korea

With President Obama set to address the questions surrounding his handling of recent threats to our nation’s foreign and domestic policy, political expert Thomas Whalen is available for analysis. Contact Thomas Whalen, 617-353-4785,

Iran’s disputed election

What does the continued political unrest in Iran mean for U.S. diplomacy in the region?   Ambassador Charles Dunbar, a professor of international relations who began his diplomatic career in Iran during the 1960s, says in a  BU Today Q&A, “We need to pursue the policies that Obama had begun to pursue, including the concession he made that we would be willing […]

Obama has change of heart on GITMO

Looks like President Obama has decided to bring back the military tribunals used by the former Bush administration to prosecute terror suspects.  Political expert Thomas Whalen and long time GITMO watcher Michael Corgan have been following the story. Contact Thomas Whalen, 617-353-4785, Contact Michael Corgan, 617-353-3553,

Pelosi flip-flops on waterboarding

With the continued drama unfolding of who knew what in Congress about the illegal – or not – waterboarding technique, political expert Thomas Whalen is available to discuss the Congressional flip-flopping of the issue.  Contact Thomas Whalen, 617-353-4785,

Afghan revamp

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. will appoint a three-star general to Kabul, marking the first time since the seven-year war began that the U.S. will have two senior commanders in Afghanistan.  Former head of the American Embassy in Kabul, Charles Dunbar, now a professor of international relations, is available for comment on the […]

MA SJC clears up GPS monitoring of sex offender law

According to a recent Boston Globe article, the state’s highest court ruled that the law requiring GPS monitoring of people on probation for certain sex offenses applies only to offenders who have been placed on probation after being convicted of the crimes, not to offenders who are awaiting trial.  “It’s not clear from the ruling that […]

A new foreign policy in Latin America?

Saturday’s meeting between President Obam and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, could pave the way for a new foreign policy in Latin America.  It’s a new alliances, according to Jeffrey Rubin, professor of history and an expert on Latin American foreign policy, “between two presidents who broke centuries-old barriers of race and privilege in their […]