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Three Perspectives on Technology and Childbirth in America

The Women’s Studies Program is hosting a panel discussion entitled “Three Perspectives on Technology and Childbirth in America” today beginning at 4 PM in the lower level of the Women’s Resource Center at 775 Commonwealth Ave. Professors Claudia Olivetti, Christina Michaud and Eugene Declercq will offer an overview of the economic, mental, and health implications […]

Hospitals, White House near deal

With an announcement expected Wednesday, major hospital associations and the White House are hammering out a $150 million cost-saving deal to help finance the U.S. healthcare system.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “In Urgent Need of Reform; Saving the U.S. Healthcare System,” can offer insight into the ongoing Congressional healthcare reform battle. […]

Northeast Bat-Killing Disease is Spreading Southward

From New Hampshire to Virginia, Thomas Kunz, biology professor and long-time expert on bats, searches for answers about White Nose Syndrome, the mysterious white fungus that continues to kill tens of thousands of bats.  Like the disappearing honeybees and frogs, bats play a critical role in the balance of nature, consuming 50 to 100 percent […]