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Dr. Robert Green: “Predicting Alzheimer’s”

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Finding Alzheimer’s risk poses little distress

If you learned from a genetic test that your risk for Alzheimer’s disease increased, how would you feel?  A  study of 162 healthy adult children of patients with Alzheimer’s found that people who inherited a key gene showed no more test-related stress, depression, or anxiety than those who did not, according to Dr. Robert Green, lead author of […]

For seniors, a few drinks cuts dementia risk

Alcohol consumption — one to two drinks a day — lowers the risk of dementia, based on a six-year study of people aged 75 years or older.  Although there is no explanation why a moderate amount of alcohol is good for the brain, Robert Stern, Co-Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical & Research Programs, cited studies where the […]

New Alzheimer’s test too simplistic

A British self-screening test that claims to spot early dimentia more accurately is not specific at all to Alzheimer’s disease. Robert Stern, Co-director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Clinic and Disease Program, maintains the “Test Your Memory” does not include any real delayed recall tasks, cannot separate those with poor memories from Alzheimer’s patients, but is […]

Early Alzheimer detection test coming in 12 to 18 months

Using skin cells, researchers have tested 300 people to determine if they have early stages of Alzheimers Disease with promising results. But Robert A. Stern, associate director of the Clinical Care at the Alzheimer Disease Center warns there is no real data and little information so far. Contact Robert Stern, 617-638-5678, bobstern@bu.edu