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More antitrust scrutiny for Google

Google’s 2008 deal with publishers to make millions of books available online is rasing more antitrust suspicion from the Justice Department, which still may try to block or force a renegotiation of the deal which has not yet been approved in court.  Formal civil investigative demands (CIDs) have now been sent to Google and the […]

Report: Tech Giants in Antitrust Probe

An “industry wide” antitrust probe reportedly is underway by the Justice Department investigating if technology companies are illegally negotiating with each other about the hiring of one another’s employees.  Targets reportedly include Google, Yahoo, Apple, and Genentech.  School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust law authority, can comment about the possibilities. Contact Keith Hylton, […]

Silicon Valley braces for antitrust shift

Silicon Valley companies, particularly Google, are bracing for an expected new phase of tough new antitrust scrutiny under the Obama administration.  School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust law expert, says the Justice Department is shifting from cartel enforcement back toward prosecuting big firms for monopolization. “The key obstacle for the Obama administration will […]

EU fining Intel will hurt US firms, consumers

School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says the EU slapping Intel with a record $1.45 billion fine could hurt consumers and hamper U.S. companies trying to compete globally. “The EC decision to impose the largest fine in its history on Intel, largely for its price cutting, sends a worrisome signal […]

Strengthening Antitrust Rules

With the Obama administration’s top antitrust official announcing plans to restore an aggressive antitrust enforcement policy, School of Management Professor Michael Salinger, a former FTC official, can offer some perspective on the likely impact. “I will be interested to hear the specifics of what she says about monopolization cases. This is an inherently more controversial […]

FTC eyes Google-Apple board ties

Google acknowledges the FTC is asking about antitrust implications of the ties between the boards of Google and Apple.  Though they share two directors and compete on cell-phone operating systems, browser software, and online video distribution, Google says there’s no antitrust there.  School of Management Professor Michael Salinger, a former FTC official, and Law Professor Keith […]

Antitrust inquiry into Google Book Search

Law School Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust-law expert, says the Department of Justice is smart to review Google’s settlement with authors and publishers over its Google Book search service.  But what happens next, he says, is unclear. “If the rumors of Google’s influence in the new administration are true, the firm is presumably better off […]

Easing antitrust policy for newspapers smart move

College of Communication Professor Lou Ureneck, chairman of the Journalism Department and former executive editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, says the Justice Department’s willingness to consider easing antitrust policy for newspapers would be good for the struggling industry. “This is a positive and reasonable government response to the newspaper crisis.  Newspapers are the chief source […]