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Breakthrough for Web news?

The Associated Press will wrap each of its articles (and photos) with software that indicates its right-to-use and notifies the AP how it was used.  It’s in response to Web aggregators and blogs using stories without permission or paying — and may be a breakthrough for the struggling news industry as a whole.  Journalism Department […]

AP take on Web aggregators

Journalism Department Chairman Lou Ureneck, a former deputy editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, says it’s about time the Associated Press and its member papers took on the Web aggregators that use articles without legal permission. “This is long overdue.  The newspapers seem to be taking their cue from book publishers, who recently settled with Google.” […]

Tribune Co. to drop Associated Press

  Professor Lou Ureneck, Journalism Department chairman in the College of Communication and former deputy editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, comments on the Tribune Company’s decision to drop AP news service. “If the Tribune follows through and actually drops the AP, it will hurt the Tribune more than the AP, but it is not a […]