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Chrysler sale in legal limbo

Chrysler’s sale to Fiat is in the hands of the Supreme Court which issued a stay while it considers hearing a creditor’s appeal of the deal.  School of Management Professor Israel Shaked, an M&A and bankruptcy expert, can discuss what could happen next. Contact Israel Shaked, 617-353-2665,  shaked@bu.edu

Stress-test report cards and management reviews for banks

Federal bank regulators today say yea or nay to the capital-raising plans at nine of the nation’s largest banks.  But today also is the deadline for banks to report an in-depth review of their management for approval by the regulators.  School of Management Professor James Post, an authority on corporate governance, can discuss long-term impact […]

Delphi to get GM bailout $$

Auto-parts maker Delphi reportedly will be able to emerge from nearly 4 years in bankruptcy thanks to $2.5 billion in GM bailout money to be used to finance a buyout by a private-equity firm.  School of Management Professor Israel Shaked, an expert in M&A and bankruptcy, can comment on the implications. Contact Israel Shaked, 617-353-2665, shaked@bu.edu

FDIC pushing shake-up at Citi

The FDIC is reportedly urging a major shift in Citigroup’s executive lineup, including moving CEO Pandit to get more commercial-banking experience at the top of the bailed-out former investment firm.  Citi’s other regulators (the Fed and OCC) may not agree.  School of Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial […]

Battle over derivatives regulation

Trading in complex derivatives, financial instruments like credit default swaps, in large part sparked the current economic crisis.  Now the debate has shifted to how to regulate derivatives and where to trade them.  School of Law Professor Charles Whitehead, a securities law expert and long-time Citigroup counsel, can offer some guidance as to where the […]

GM files for bankruptcy

It’s official:  Industy icon General Motors has filed for bankruptcy (as Chrysler prepares to emerge from it).  Former Ford Motors executive Louis Lataif, now dean of the BU School of Management, can put the upheavals into context. Contact Louis Lataif, 617-353-2668, lelataif@bu.edu

Banks want it both ways

The FDIC is being lobbied by banking trade groups for permission for banks to be able to bid on the same “toxic” assets that the banks will be putting up for sale in the government’s Public Private Investment program.  The Feds haven’t said yet if banks can have it both ways.  School of Law Professor Cornelius […]

AIG reconfiguring its board

Under pressure since admitting paying out milions in bonuses after receiving billions in federal bailout money, insurance giant AIG says it will reconfigure its board to include six new independent directors.  School of Management Professor James Post, an authority on corporate governance and business ethics, says the AIG effort is not a surprise because “the […]

Small banks also facing big losses

Former deputy Comptroller of the Currency Robert Bench, now senior fellow at the School of Law’s Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, says it’s no surprise a Wall Street Journal survey shows more than 900 mid-and small-sized banks could generate losses of $100 billion on commercial real estate loans by the end of 2010. […]

Feds pressure BofA to restructure board

School of Management Professor James Post, an authority on corporate governance and business ethics, says that Bank of America won’t be able to resist pressure from federal regulators to restructure the BofA board of directors. “Shareholders often cooperate to pressure CEOs and boards of directors to listen to their concerns. Rarely do such tactics produce major […]