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GM clears bankruptcy hurdle

Saying the only alternative would be liquidation, a federal judge has okayed the sale of GM’s assets to a new government-run agency, paving the way for the automaker to emerge from bankruptcy.  School of Management Dean Louis Lataif, a former Ford executive, can discuss the implications. Contact Louis Lataif, 617-353-2668, lelataif@bu.edu

GM’s post-bankruptcy ad campaign

General Motors is launching a post-bankruptcy advertising campaign targeting network TV, the Web, and Facebook, with the hook:  “We’re not witnessing the end of the American Car.  We’re witnessing the rebirth of the American Car.”  College of Communication Professor Christopher Cakebread, an expert on controversial ads, can discuss GM’s gambit. Contact Christopher Cakebread, 617-353-3476, ccakebre@bu.edu

Chrysler bankruptcy “unfortunate”

School of Management Dean Louis Lataif, a former Ford executive, says the bankruptcy of Chrysler shows it is difficult for the government to impose financial decisions on private enterprises. “It’s unfortunate that Chrysler must go through bankruptcy. It seems clear that debt holders, who themselves must answer to their own investors, refused to take only half […]

New oversight for non-bank financial entities

Former Deputy Comtroller of the Currency Robert Bench, now senior fellow at the BU School of Law’s Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, says a new financial receivership regime must be created to permit the orderly “wind-down” of assets at non-bank financial institutions — like AIG and hedge funds. “Use of existing bankruptcy laws […]