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Tom Kunz chatting live about bats and the atmosphere

CAS Professor of Biology and Director of our Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology Tom Kunz will be chatting live from the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) meeting in Washington D.C. tomorrow at noon via Science magazine’s homepage, ScienceNOW.  The chat will also stream live below.  ScienceNOW chats occur daily and are […]

Northeast bats in danger of extinction

One of North America’s most common bat species, the so-called little brown bat, will be all but extinct in the Northeast in 20 years to due to an emerging fungal desease called White-Nose Syndrome. That’s the conclusion of a new study by Boston University biologists, including Professor Thomas Kunz and post-doctoral researcher Dr. Winifred Frick who authored the study […]

Kunz to testify before Congress for White-Nose Syndrome research

The loss of one million cave-dwelling bats, from a devastating fungus known as White-Nose Syndrome, has led to a congressional inquiry. On June 4 biology professor and bat expert Thomas Kunz will testify and call for a national comprehensive research program to identify the cause of this disease. Contact Thomas Kunz, 617-353-2474, kunz@bu.edu

Northeast Bat-Killing Disease is Spreading Southward

From New Hampshire to Virginia, Thomas Kunz, biology professor and long-time expert on bats, searches for answers about White Nose Syndrome, the mysterious white fungus that continues to kill tens of thousands of bats.  Like the disappearing honeybees and frogs, bats play a critical role in the balance of nature, consuming 50 to 100 percent […]