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Karzai’s brother on CIA payroll

In an diplomatic bombshell, the New York Times reports that Afghan President Karzai’s brother – long a suspect in that nation’s opium trade – is on the CIA’s payroll and has been for years.  Journalism Professor Nick Mills, who came to know the future president in the ’80s when Mills ran BU’s Afghan Media Project, […]

Secret CIA anti-terrorist plan exposed

Controversy is erupting over the fact that Congressional leaders weren’t briefed on a capture-or-kill al Qaeda operatives plan the CIA mulled on and off since the 9/11 attacks (now officially cancelled by current CIA Director Panetta).  School of Law lecturer Philip O’Neill, Jr., who teaches national security law, can discuss what it all might mean. […]

CIA deceives Congress

In a recent post on Politico.com’s “The Arena” blog, political expert Thomas Whalen, a professor of social sciences in the College of General Studies, writes “the admission erodes the public’s already waning confidence in our intelligence community.”  Whalen can be reached at tjw64@bu.edu

CIA detention/interrogation report

With the push of an ACLU lawsuit, a 2004 internal CIA report on the agency’s Bush-era detention and interrogation tactics is being released today by the Obama administration.  School of Law lecturer Philip O’Neill, Jr., who teaches national security law, can discuss the long-term legal implications of the disclosures. Contact Philip O’Neill, Jr., 617-951-2253, poneill@eapdlaw.com

FBI and anti-terrorism

Sources say the FBI will get an expanded role in global counter-terrorism under a “global justice” initiative that will diminish the CIA’s central role.  School of Law national security law lecturer Philip O’Neill, author of “National Security and the Legal Process,” can put into context this shift in emphasis. Contact Philip O’Neill, 617-951-2253, poneill@eapdlaw.com

Prof. Tom Whalen comments on Pelosi vs. the CIA