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UN “Rio + 20” preparations under way

Preparations have begun at the United Nations for the global sustainable development summit to be held in Brazil in 2012, with the “Rio + 20” summit to mark the 20th anniversary of the “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro which was held 20 years after the 1972 environmental conference in Stockholm.  International relations Professors Adil Najam, director of […]

BU Study: Changes in Store for Northeast Summers

A new study from Bruce Anderson, Ph.D., of Boston University’s Dept. of Geography and Environment has found that the summertime conditions in the Northeast have the potential to change dramatically as the century progresses. According to Dr. Anderson, the study found “there is the threat that conditions across the Northeast are going to become significantly […]

The G-8 agenda

As President Obama joins the leaders of the world’s top eight economies at the G-8 summit in Italy, the success of this gathering is already being debated.  The world economy and climate change are top agenda items the leaders will tackle.  Available to dicuss what kind of outcome we can expect from the G-8 is Kevin P. Gallagher, professor of […]

Senate fight over “cap-n-trade”

The upcoming Senate battle over President Obama’s climate-change bill will center on the “cap-and-trade” system to allow trading of pollution permits as emission levels are increasingly tightened.  Energy risk-management expert Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the School of Management, says not to expect Senate approval until the economy rebounds and there’s a stronger […]