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Japan’s ruling party calls for austerity

The newly elected Japanese ruling Democratic Party led by Prime Minister Naoto Kan (l.) has pledged to rein that nation’s huge debt, the world’s largest, calling for drastic tax reform including a hiking the sales tax.  Public opinion polls show Japanese citizens prepared for tax increases and budget cuts if they can reduce the risk of […]

New Japanese P.M. and U.S.

After naming his new cabinet, Japan’s prime minister-elect Naoto Kan (l.) will be sworn in and begin what the United States hopes is a tighter U.S.-Japan relationship than under his predecessor, Yukio Hatoyama, who resigned abruptly after a turbulent eight-month reign.  Political science Professor Thomas Berger cautions that pushing the new government too hard on […]

New Japanese P.M. quits

Japan’s new prime minister, Yjkio Hatoyama, squandered a historic electoral mandate in only nine months and resigned — sparking a scramble by his Democratic Party of Japan to find a new leader before July’s election.  International relations Professor William Grimes, director of the Center for the Study of Asia, says Hatoyama was not prepared to […]