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Joan Salge Blake and Hardin Coleman talk about health & nutrition education and healthy school lunches

Registered Dietitian and Sargent Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake and School of Education Dean Hardin Coleman joined us this morning on UStream for a live chat about the importance of healthy school lunches. They also talked about the importance of health and nutrition education. You can view the full chat below:

From Joan Salge Blake:

In response to a recent article in AdAge magazine reporting that the Spanish government is planning to ban some diet and beauty TV Ads before 10 PM: “This is a terrific first step in easing the constant visual reminders of the unrealistic, body weight often portrayed in the media and viewed by young, vulnerable individuals […]

Eating healthy should not be an financial decision

Convenient and inexpensive health foods like the potato and canned veggies are making a comeback in the current economic climate.  Public Health Officials here in the US are encouraging people to lo0k for cheaper alternatives to the mixed green-based diet people maintained before the recession.  Registered Dietition and nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake can offer […]