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EU antitrust probe of IBM

Euopean Union regulators launched two antitrust investigations against IBM, the world’s biggest provider of computer services, for allegedly abusing its dominant position on the mainframe computer market.  IBM says it’s cooperating with the EU probe and that it suspects the complaint is being driven by its largest competitors, led by Microsoft.  Law Professor Keith Hylton, an […]

EU rejects U.S. data-sharing deal

In a blow to the effort to stem the flow of international financing for terrorism, the European Parliament rejected a controversial data-sharing deal with the United States, citing privacy concerns.  International relations Professor William Keylor, an authority on U.S.-European relations, says the snub demonstrates how fighting a global war on terrorism is tough without full […]

EU seeks Greece economic rescue

European Union governments are grappling how to manage the debt crisis in Greece that threatens to undermine the shared euro currency.  Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, who a decade ago in Foreign Affairs magazine predicted the euro’s collapse, says Greece’s debt woes are a precursor to what may happen in the U.S. “Greece is where the United States […]

EU and Jerusalem

A European Union initiative, to be considered next week, would carve off east Jerusalem as the capital if an independent Palestinian state.  Israel rejects the concept.  Journalism Professor Bob Zelnick, a former ABC News Middle East correspondent and author of “Israeli Unilateralism: Beyond Gaza,” says the Israel, the Palestinians, and the U.S. all have missed […]

Senators push EU on antitrust case

Led by John Kerry and Orrin Hatch, 59 U.S. senators are urging European antitrust regulators to make a decision on the proposed Oracle merger with Sun Microsystems.   Law Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust law expert, says the intervention reflects a disproportionate political influence by Sun relative to its importance to the economy. “This sort of intervention by […]

EU, Turkey sign gas pipeline deal

Aimed at cutting Europe’s reliance on energy from Russia, Turkey and five European Union nations today signed a landmark agreement to run a gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea area to Europe via Turkey.  Energy risk-management expert Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the School of Management, can discuss what this could mean for […]

EU fining Intel will hurt US firms, consumers

School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says the EU slapping Intel with a record $1.45 billion fine could hurt consumers and hamper U.S. companies trying to compete globally. “The EC decision to impose the largest fine in its history on Intel, largely for its price cutting, sends a worrisome signal […]