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Salary caps nixed for bailed-out firms

Reports say plans to cap salaries at firms getting bailout money is being nixed by the Obama administration, which will leave it to Congress to limit bonuses.  But the White House will name a “pay czar” to monitor bailed-out companies and will still push to revamp compensation practices in the financial industry.  School of Management Professor Fred […]

SEC: Show us non-execs’ comp

The SEC will propose that companies disclose, for the first time, how they compensate nonexecutives — not just their top five executives.  School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel, author of “Trust and Honesty: America’s Business Culture at a Crossroads,” says this makes sense. “If the highest rewarded sales focus are on highest dollars, we ought to […]

Insurance policies fund executive pay

Reports are surfacing that big banks are using life-insurance policies to help pay bonuses, pensions, and deferred compensation owed to their executives — with the banks as the beneficiaries.  While not illegal, critics complain that the banks get tax breaks for funding such quasi-pensions, then profit when the executives die.  School of Management Professor Fred Foulkes, director […]

Anger at AIG bonuses could reshape economic landscape

School of Management Professor James Post, an authority on corporate governance and business ethics, in a BU Today Q&A discusses the impact of the furor over the AIG bonuses and how it could impact both the short-term recovery process and the long-term future of executive compensation in the financial services industry. Contact James Post, 617-353-4162, […]

Bank bonuses: “Give it back, or get out”

School of Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law and former counsel to the Fed Board of Governors, says executives at banks taking taxpayer bailout funds should give back bonuses that flowed from investments in toxic assets that are now crippling the industry. “It is generally understood that […]