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AIG bill still hitting taxpayers

The Congressional Oversight Panel says in a scathing report that the government failed to exhaust all options before bailing out the insurance giant American International Group — although the rescue did help the financial system avert collapse.  Nonetheless, the watchdog panel says taxpayers may never be paid back all of the $182 billion funneled to support AIG.  […]

Congress close to financial reg reform

The most extensive overhaul of financial regulations since the 1930s has cleared its big hurdle in the U.S. Senate and how can head to President Obama for a signature after a conference committee works out remaining differences between the House and Senate versions.  But former Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark Williams, who teaches finance in the School of […]

Risk, not size, is bank industry’s woe

The problem isn’t that banks are too big; they’re just taking excessive risk.  Ex-Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the School of  Management and is author of “Uncontrolled Risk” about the fall of Lehman Brothers, says in a Reuters commentary that any meaningful financial reform must address lending standards while tightening oversight and […]