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Americans and oil

A new poll reports reports that Americans are “deeply concerned” about energy but “unwilling to pay higher gasoline prices to help develop new fuel sources.”  Professor Cutler Cleveland, director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, says this attitude defies our experience since 1970 as we’ve gone to war over oil, experienced major oil […]

Eying summer gas prices

Analysts now think gas prices will peak this summer between $2.45 and $2.65 per gallon at the pump, leveling out not so much because of normal supply-and-demand factors but because of the recession and joblessness.  Energy risk-management expert Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the School of Management, can comment. Contact Mark T. Williams, […]

Gas prices impact economic recovery

Analysts are puzzling over why worwldwide demand for oil is down from last year, yet gas prices are spiking upward at a rate faster than the seasonal norm and now threaten the tepid economic recovery.  Mark T. Williams, an energy risk-management expert who teaches finance in the School of Management, can discuss the big picture […]